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VuWall offers a comprehensive CTS-accredited training for system designers, technical sales, consultants as well as field and service technicians. The training is available to qualified VuWall resellers who would like to design and service our solutions. Resellers who complete the training can earn up to 12 renewal units (RUs) towards their AVIXA Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certification.


VuWall Certificate Training 


VuWall Designer

1 day - 4RUs

For Design Engineers, Technical Sales, 
AV/IT Security Consultants

This course enables graduates to present VuWall's entire line of solutions to end users and design video wall and AV distribution projects .   

This course includes thorough examples of customer installations and detailed training on VuWall's software and hardware features and functionalities. This 1 day course is broken down into several modules including PAK & VuScape video wall processors, the VuStream encoders/ decoders, the TRx management software, and extended features such as color detection, control touch panels, extenders, VMS integrations, and more.   


  1. Understand and present VuWall's complete line of solutions, their differentiators, benefits and use cases
  2. Learn how to ask the right questions in order to specify the right solution for client's needs
  3. Make preliminary video wall and AV distribution project designs



VuWall Field Technician and Service Specialist 

2 days - 8RUs

 For Design Engineers, Field and  
Service Technicians 

This course enables graduates to provide on-site technical support and fully service VuWall's PAK video wall nodes, VuScape Series of video wall controllers, VuStream. ecoders/decoders, and the TRx centralized management software platform.  

This 2-day course includes networking considerations, planning and configuration with VuWall2 and TRx, in-depth training on operations, user management, and an introduction to scripting and API. Users will get a deep dive into installing VuScape controllers, card replacement, add-ons and software activation. This course also includes a module on troubleshooting, back ups and redundancy.  


  1. Become qualified and confident to being the end user's first line of support for VuWall systems.
  2. Handle setup, installation, configuration, updates and troubleshooting for VuScape controllers and TRx software. 
  3. Plan and configuration multi-surface setups. 
  4. Add and replace VuScape cards


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